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Take a moment to check in with yourself about where you are right now. Are you experiencing an intensely stressful or emotional period? Are you in crisis? Are you experiencing anxiety or depression? Are you having issues with relationships or work? Do you feel stuck or your life lacks meaning? 

Wherever you are right now and no matter the severity, I want to assure you that therapy can help and I can help you. 

About me

I truly believe in the transformative power of therapy, it can help to evoke lasting change by freeing you from the burdens of the past and unlocking your potential. 

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My Approach to Therapy 

I approach therapy from the perspective that we are always in relationship to each other and the world unable to separate ourselvesI seek to help foster more awareness about our relationship to our mind, body and culture. In doing so we learn that issues do not arise in vacuum but in relationship to people, an event in time or the world.

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Therapy Frame

The therapeutic frame sets out what we can expect from each other, you can understand what to expect from me and likewise what you are responsible for. 

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