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My Approach 

In this section I hope to share with you how I approach therapy (and I guess life). I see it as an interaction between mind, body (soul) and culture, all three aspects are impossible to separate and of course interact constantly, however for the purpose of clarity I have separated them. 


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This part of the therapy undertaking involves examining thoughts, feelings, images and language alongside our beliefs, views and values about ourself, others (relationships) and the world. We do this by exploring the past and also exploring what's happening between us in the present. 

Deeper work may involve uncovering relational patterns (attachment styles) to parents which set the foundation for our latter relationships. It may also include building an awareness of the different parts of our selves and voices that compose a single person. 



Without the body there is no mind or spirit. Working with the body we

may explore where the energetic charge is, where feels blocked or numb.

We may explore the use of breath, if breathing feels easy and full or shallow and short. Engaging in the body in this way happens in the present when there is sufficient trust between us.

Deeper aspects to this work will be the exploration of stress or trauma on the body, brain, mind and psyche (soul). From a neuroscience perspective it will be the acknowledgement that stress and trauma do alter our physiology, just as therapy can help heal it. 



The cultural aspect of the work, involves acknowledging that we are not formed or live in a vacuum, we are always in dynamic relationship to ourselves, others and the world. Some examples of this are our families, cultural backgrounds, religious institutions, political landscapes, schooling and environment (nature).

Deeper exploration into this may include exploring our relationships to others, our relationship to groups and to the natural world, looking at its impact on how we see the world and others. 

An important aspect of this work is also acknowledging our difference and how this difference shapes our world view. I aim to explore this with you and help you understand yourself better, we will do this in present moment experiences and also by looking into the past. 

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